Trademark Registration in Multiple Countries

File a trademark application in multiple countries at your desk in 3 steps and 3 minutes with discount prices.
The fees on the right are for your information, valid for applications including one class and paid by bank card.

Basic service fee between EUR 135-195/country.

Easy trade mark filing



Trademarks are registered signs, the purpose of which is to indicate a product (or service) and to distinguish it from other similar goods. A good trademark gives confidence to consumers and urges them to keep buying the trademarked goods, thus solidifying the market position of the proprietor of the trade mark against competing manufacturers.


Whenever a new product is born, a suitable name needs to be found for it. Though somewhat similar to the birth of a child, where you try to find a name differing from those of other children in the family, the problem of naming a product is much more complicated, since all similar products are, in a sense, sisters and brothers of your product.

Trademark filing online

The site is operated by Georg Pintz and Partners LLC (GPP). On this website you can order trademark applications in several countries simultaneously. The service is provided by a network of trademark attorneys lead and coordinated by GPP. We have collected the best legal experts from every country to offer you the most professional service.


File a trademark registration in 3 quick steps, in 3 minutes!

Hearing the words `Coca Cola` or `McDonald`s`, what image pops up in your mind?
Probably you would answer the same way as millions of people world wide- it`s the trademark of these well-known brands, that you have in front of your eyes now.
If you have a great product or service and would like to have it distinguished from many others, the first step to make your goods just as legendary as the above, is to create your own trademark for it!
With the help of our easy –to- use homepage you can file a trademark registration within 3 minutes in 3 quick steps– we are taking care of all the necessary administration. 
Our rates vary between EUR 135- 195 depending on the country you contact us from and the fees can be paid by credit card. We take care of registering trademarks in several countries all over the world- if you would like us to register your trademark now,  please select your country below and follow our guideline. Trademark filing can be a difficult task to do, but with the help of us and our extensive experience it is easy and cost- effective!
Have the registration done in 3 quick steps, in 3 minutes at discounted prices, in many countries all around the world!
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